Two Presidents?

 This will come as no surprise to you— some people LOVE President Donald J. Trump.  Some people HATE President Donald J. Trump.  Some people still cannot believe that he’s the POTUS.  Many are having a hard time adjusting to this Presidency. 

       I’ve come to an interesting conclusion about President Trump.  Instead of looking at his Presidency as a whole through his first month-plus, I’ve decided to separate it into two parts.  First, you have President Trump— who loves to Tweet and do combative press conferences that become news events and Saturday Night Live skits.  Then, you have the other President Trump—the one who has policy decisions and Executive Orders.    These are the same guy—but if you can do as I’ve started to do—which is to separate these two, you will likely get a lot less frustration over the next four years.

       See, I’m already bored with our President’s news conferences and the whole “press is the enemy” message.  He will do well with his base when he does this.  He will not do well with the majority of America.  Most Americans know the national media has an agenda and it’s anti-Trump.  Let’s face it though, President Trump has committed many self-inflicted wounds with his own comments and tweets.  The same press that he hates—is who made his candidacy as a Republican contender the giant it was.  

      I like President Trump’s policy decisions so far.  I really like actions he’s taken on immigration and fighting terrorist nations.  I like the things that matter.  He’s business-friendly and the market reflects great optimism.  That’s the POTUS I pay attention to.  The other stuff—just noise to me.

      So here is my advice—don’t listen to the noise.  Instead, judge President Trump on the things that impact your life.  How will his decisions and policy impact our economy?  How will his actions impact our national security?  These are the things that impact you and your family’s life.  The noise I talk about—well, that’s just who this guy is and who he’s been.  He’s not going to change—so don’t let the noise eat you up. 





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